Without a moments notice, what was once a beautiful day could turn into a tragedy within a blink of an eye! Every year, families are forced to face tragic realities and some of the most impacted groups of natural disasters are those that are among our disadvantaged and elderly communities.

We know that in-spite-of preparations and precautions, the inevitable outcomes of many who face severe natural disasters are left with nothing except for the clothes on their backs and very few belongings.

Figgers Communications and Health believe that triumph can grow from tragedy, and as a result, we commit to assist families that have been impacted by mother natures most adverse actions. It is our standard to be a support to not only those affected, but also to those who actively hear the call for help and answer with immense dedication and care. From the Panhandle to Puerto Rico; Figgers chooses to be a part of the change it wants to see in the world, one disaster at a time. We celebrate partnerships that are committed to putting people and their lives back together.

For more information about our Natural Disaster Assistance please call: 1-800-223-5435