Our Focus Area


We believe in the power of technology and its ability to mold the minds of our young people. So many schools are suffering from extreme budget cuts or a lack of community support and as a result the next generation of scholars may never experience what they are truly capable of. We have pledged to partner with a number of schools and teachers from around the country to ensure they have the necessary tools and supplies needed so that no child is left behind.


We are what we eat and we only can reap what we have sown! We understand that we cannot wait until a crisis occurs to find a solution. There are currently less than 3 million farms within the United States which has a population of 327,167,434 people. Farming is critical to the survival of generations to come; so the Figgers Foundation has partnered with reputable businesses to provide the necessary equipment needed for many of our agricultural communities to thrive.

Our Programs ​

Each program is carefully evaluated before it is initiated to ensure it addresses the gap while proving feasible for the community to maintain. Where limitations or problems are encountered in the system, we take every step to introduce innovative and sustainable ways of overcoming these difficulties with the time, the care and the resources it deserves.

Figgers Foundation is a non-government agency. ​

We do however, believe that it is our responsibility and the duties of others to assist communities and areas that are challenged where government cannot or does not provide.
Our goal is to make a lasting difference in the lives of communities afflicted by challenges. With our support, networking and skills, our team assists individuals in realizing and achieving their fullest potential.

What We Do ​​

We Aim to Identify Problems and Provide Researched Solutions
Our partnership with different organizations across the globe helps us offer innovative and effective solutions to address pivotal human challenges in differentiated programs.

Educational Support ​

The first program focuses on improving the quality of education in schools (high school and college) as well as provide adequate support for weak and susceptible families and children in the United States.

Global Development ​

We dedicate another program to focus on global development by providing impoverished communities around the globe accessibility to effective health products and services. Through our initiatives, it enables countries to get hands-on health coverage that supports quick economic growth. As part of what we offer to the world is developing a scalable market-based innovation to induce rapid all-encompassing and sustainable economic growth and development.


We have a program that addresses health inequities through the introduction of new approaches and utilizing modern instruments to tackle contagious disease and fight against the persistent occurrence of child mortality in developing countries.

Organizational Development ​​

For organizational advancement, we set aside a program directed at building diplomatic relationships and promotion of policies that aid our development. To achieve these programs, we commit ourselves to collaborate with a big organization, leverage our innovative ideas, and we take the promising risk to get outstanding results.
Through our certified partnerships, the Figgers Foundation is honored to offer authentic, researched and supportive programs to assist in various sectors including health and education.